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One of our favourite bits of kit to use for our workouts is....the BAD ASS BATTLING ROPE!

While they might look intimidating, the battle rope is a brilliant yet simple workout tool that anyone can use. Ideal for a full body workout, perfect for incorporating jumps, lunges, and squats to work the legs, as well as upper body, back and core!

~ All-In-One Total Body Conditioning Tool.

~ Improves Coordination

~ Great mobility promoter

~ increased muscle density.

~ higher resting metabolism.

~ faster glucose metabolism.

~ increased athletic performance.

~ higher aerobic capacity.

~ stronger maximum muscle limits.

~ enhanced mental clarity

~ improved heart health.

~ Builds Lean Muscle.

These are some of our favourite exercises with a battling rope!

➕ THE WHIP; run legs and arms together for a whipping motion

➕THE SLAM; Jump and whip simultaneously

➕ PLANK WHIP; hold plank position and whip one arm at a time

➕ SIDE SWIPE; whip the right arm to the left and then the left arm to the right!

➕ THE JAX; perform jumping jacks with the rope in each hand

➕ THE BOXER; perform boxing cross jabs holding the rope in each hand

Battling ropes challenge your strength, cardio, coordination, stamina, core, agility and more

What’s not to love!

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