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Teen Athlete Training

Is your teen a budding athlete with ambitions of representing the county or even GB in athletic sporting events?

Do they play competitive sport?

Or would they like to build muscle and become stronger and fitter?

If so we can help with our tailored teen training programs.

Designed to develop and enhance performance all while ensuring their young, growing bodies are protected and supported!

With additional nutrition support and guidance to ensure your teen is fuelled and energised to compete and recover quicker.

We specialise in creating tailored training programs, targeting specific sporting abilities and requirements to improve agility, speed, response and reactions. We incorporate a range of strength training, cardio and plyometric explosive movements to increase their power and speed and incorporate core strengthening methods to ensure they have a strong and stable structure upon which to build their athletic capabilities and protect young joints and reduce risk of injury.

We have proven case studies and results, with one of our most recent teens moving from being ranked 14th to 6th place GB hurdles in just 3 months of training with us. Her target is to represent team GB in the next 12 months!

We created a bespoke training program and tailored, bespoke. nutrition plan with additional supplement and training guidance, to support her high levels of activities and growing body, to enhance and improve her performance, endurance and recovery, as well as improve her flexibility, core strength and stamina!

Packages start from £275 for 10 tailored 1-2-1 training sessions, specific to event or athletic sport. In addition, we offer a bespoke nutrition service and event nutrition guide to further support your teens training and athletic capabilities 

For more info on how we can help your teen athlete, contact us via the link below 

Teen Athlete Training: Teen Athlete Training
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