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The UniqueMind Program

We fully understand the importance of ensuring good health and the benefits of exercise for the physical and mental aspect of wellbeing, but we know that fitness goes further than just aesthetic results.

Mental and physical health go hand in hand and PT Emz and PT Mitch know this all too well and due to personal reasons, in 2019, decided to further their knowledge and qualifications, by qualifying as Level 4 and Level 5 Psychologists, to enable them to help those who may not seek support and treatment from the normal avenues.

We understand that every person is an individual, with personal challenges to over come, and combined with our own experiences, the UniqueMind program was created and developed.

Launched in 2021, we have continued to develop the UniqueMind program, while working with a small group of clients.

We are now proud to announce the program to a wider audience in our endeavours to help as many people as possible.

Our clients have found many benefits from the UniqueMind program and have experienced and described an improved sense of well-being, an increased sense of positivity, better sleep patterns, reduced feelings of anxiety and depression and an increased sense of control over situations,  allowing them to feel equipped with techniques, tools and methods to support and progress their recovery.

The UniqueMind program is a new, innovative form of counselling and mental health support, with each session focused upon our tested and proven ‘unique’ method.

Read some of the feedback we have received from some of our clients and their families (these can also be viewed on our range of online reviews)

For more information on our UniqueMind program, please contact us via the tab below or our social media profiles to arrange a no obligation consultation call. 

Client Feedback 

Mrs M: 

My daughter started to restrict calories and over exercise due to having bad body image issues.

I'd recently started attending bootcamp and talked about my experience of it with her and told her they were working with teenagers, helping them with their diet and

exercise to get them into a positive frame of mind. She clicked with Emz straight away and we are about a year on in my daughter's journey, she now eats a healthy diet, and her exercise is at a healthy level. She still has a way to go, but Emz and Mitch help her see all the positives 

Miss L:

After just one session with Emma, I felt calmer, more in control and a sense of achievement having taken the first step to addressing my depression. Being outdoors in the fresh air, walking with Emma, didn’t feel like a counselling session, it felt more like I was out for a relaxed walk with a friend which instantly made it easier to talk and open up about my feelings. I can’t thank Emma enough for her support and guidance.

Mrs R:

Emma, Mitch, thank you. You are helping me so much - mind, body, spirit!  Yes super slow is the way to go! We will get there! I really am grateful for all your help, guidance and support.

Mrs G:

Emma and Mitch have been working with my teenage son, who found the lockdown to be a problematic time for him emotionally and mentally. Their relaxed, sensitive approach has resulted in my son openly expressing his feelings and allowing him to find ways to maintain a sense of control. Thanks to Emma and Mitch, I have my happy son back, he still has a way to go, but he is so much better than when we first saw Emma & Mitch at the start of this year

Mr K:

I contacted Mitch after my relationship went through a very long and emotionally draining breakdown. The support I was given by Mitch and the suggestions and tools he gave me to manage each day has allowed me to rebuild my self confidence, self esteem and mental state. I cannot thank the guys enough, it’s really been a turning point for me. Thank you

UniqueMind: UniqueMind
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