Addressing symptoms, effects and offering guidance and support but most importantly, celebrating this amazing time in women’s lives!

In Japan, the Menopause is known as the Second Spring; a time when women become Queens, a matriarch, a woman of knowledge and power, seen as beautiful in her experience and grace!

The menopause has generally been viewed with negativity and has until recently, been a taboo subject which many women feel unable to speak about, whether this be due to lack of support, embarrassment or fear of not being taken seriously.


A recent study in the US showed that nearly 78% of women claimed menopausal symptoms had changed or affected their lives and 64% of them were totally unprepared for this phase.

The Second Spring project is an online support and guidance for women and their partners, offering advice on symptoms, relationships, work, nutrition, fitness and more!

We have lots more announcements to make on our Second Spring project, so please keep an eye out!

A little about PT Emz 

I’m a 47 year old mum to 4 and grandmother to 1, I have just started my menopause journey.

I have worked in the Health and Fitness industry for over 22 years and specialise in women’s health, as well as being a Personal Trainer, clinical nutritionist, psychologist, fitness writer and health and fitness consultant and Menopause advisor to a range of companies including the East England Ambulance service.

I am a regular feature writer for a quarterly 

menopause magazine so felt it time to share my knowledge to help others in this new phase of their womanhood!