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Do you suffer with back pain?

Are you recovering from knee or hip replacement surgery?

Do you suffer with tight muscles, limited range of mobility or postural problems?

Have you been diagnosed with arthritis or a skeletal/joint condition?

If so, we can help.

Our Level 4 Advanced PT has over 21 years experience and specialises in skeletal and postural care, with a wide range of successful case studies.

We have helped those recovering from or preparing for joint replacement surgery, postural realignment, injury rehabilitation and more!

Programs begin with complete, full postural analysis, flexibility tests, joint mobility assessments, gate analysis, and more, upon which, we create and develop a bespoke care program for your specific needs and requirements and can help:

> Improve posture

> Reduce back and joint pain

> Improve range of mobility and flexibility 

> Alleviate muscle tightness and tenderness

> Improved back support through targeted and prescriptive core strengthening & rehabilitative exercises 

For more information or to book a no obligation consultation call, please click on the link below.

Have a look at one of our amazing success stories below - Massive thanks to our client Yiota for taking the time to speak with us and allow us to make this video!

Postural Programs Back Care: Postural Programs Back Care
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