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What can you achieve in 28 days?

We offer a range of online exercise and nutrition plans for both men and women.

The BAD ASS BODY PROJECT for women and the LEAN MACHINE PROJECT for men and 28 day online nutrition and exercise plans suitable for all abilities and fitness levels and the recipes are perfect for the whole family to enjoy and benefit from!

Both plans Includes:

🛑 3 e~manuals sent directly to your email address

1: Intro Manual: 32 pages, fully loaded with tips and advice on nutrition, health and exercise and how to achieve the best results.

2: Nutrition Manual: 32 page full nutrition plan complete with delicious recipes the whole family can enjoy

3: Workout Manual: 32 pages of exciting and inspiring exercise plans with a wide variety of exercises and training formats, with details and photos for every move, suitable for all abilities and fitness levels

🛑 Friendly online support groups on Facebook, where PT Emz and PT Mitch will be on hand to advise, support and help you gain the best results and lots of other plan followers to help support you along the way

THE BAD ASS BODY PROJECT and THE LEAN MACHINE PROJECT are results proven nutrition and exercise plans with over 6000 followers to date

Online Plans: Online Plans
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