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There are NO GOOD OR BAD CALORIES! This is so misleading!

Calories are just a measurement of energy that we gain from consuming food, they are all the same.

And it’s down to fuel in and energy used… as long as you’re eating a healthy, balanced diet, and enjoy the things you love in moderation, move more to burn calories which allow you to maintain a healthy body shape….eat cake we say…..just not every day!

Calorie tracking is a great way to achieve your desired body shape.

Calorie deficit (consuming less calories than you burn each day) is a great way to lose body fat and trim up, but ensure you eat a safe amount of calories as very low calorie intake can lead to serious health issues such as constipation, reduced energy levels, disrupted sleep patterns, headaches and more.

On average, women require approximately 2000 calories a day and men 2500, but you can work out your exact BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate) with a range of online calculators, you will need your weight and height to input to find out your daily requirements. To lose weight, reduce your daily requirement by between 400-500 calories per day!

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