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Something we hear pretty regularly is; why do the foods that are bad for us, the ones high in fat and sugar, taste so good and why do we crave them so much?

The only way to answer this, is to go back to our roots.....Palaeolithic man!

Things for us back then were really 'Eat' or 'Be Eaten and that was as good as our menu options got!

Our bodies and brains were designed to get the most amount of energy out of food to keep our metabolism high and our bodies nourished!

This was because our bodies had no idea when food may become scarce again!

And, as you probably already know, foods high in fat and sugar are the highest energy foods out there, so it’s no wonder we have such a desire for them!

But food is no longer a rarity, it is now in abundance, so although its availability has changed, our natural survival instincts and brain functions still believe we should get as much of this high fat, high sugar stuff into us as possible before something bad happens (think meteor/ice age/mammoth attack!)

So before you reach for that biscuit, cake or packet of crisps......suss out when the meteors planning on striking Earth?!? If its no time soon....PUT THE SWEET TREAT DOWN ;)

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