Bootcamp & Fitness Revolution offer a wide range of Indoor & Outdoor Fitness classes for all abilities and fitness levels as well as Personal training, Sports specific programs and rehabilitation fitness services, as well as pre/post natal personal training, posture and back care programs, and our unique Mind~Body 1-2-1 packages, which focuses on mental as well as physical well-being. Bootcamp and Fitness Revolution in the beautiful village of Rayne, is set on 2.5 acres of private land (so no passers by or dog walkers!) and offers a full scale obstacle course including monkey bars, swing pit, climb walls and lots of muddy trenches. Our functional Gym has a range of weights, battle ropes, kettlebells and more, and our facility has toilets, changing area, parking and more!
Opened in 2010 by PT Emz and PT Mitch; advanced level Personal Trainers & clinical nutritionist with a wealth of knowledge and experience. They have worked with a wide range of people and companies including the BBC, K-Swiss, Nivea for Men, Bear Grylls, CBBC Sky Sports, Maxi Muscle, Maxi Tone, Biosynergy and many more.
Bootcamp & Fitness Revolution also offer bespoke nutrition plans, online exercise and nutrition plans, corporate team building sessions, 1-2-1 Pilates, kids parties and more!


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We’ve helped thousands of people achieve their goals and change their lives, from those training for a specific sporting event, military or services fitness test, preparing for a big life event such as a wedding or just wanting to be healthier, fitter and feel great in their skin.



Fun Fitness For All

We offer a range of indoor and outdoor group training sessions suitable for all fitness levels and abilities from Bootcamp, to BoxFit. AND WE OFFER A FREE TRIAL FOR ALL OF OUR GROUP CLASSES!For more info, click on this link



Whether you’re looking to become fitter, lose weight, be stronger, faster, training for a specific sporting event or simply just want to lead a healthier lifestyle, we have result proven methods and affordable packages to help you reach your goals. For more info, click on the link


You are what you eat

A bespoke nutrition plan can be used for a wide range of reasons, from taking a more holistic approach to health conditions to utilising the benefits of a tailored nutrition plan for sporting event training and every plan is created to meet your exact needs and targets.


What can you achieve in 28 days?

Online Nutrition and Exercise plans for Men and Women

We offer a range of online exercise and nutrition plans for both men and women.

The BAD ASS BODY PROJECT for women and the LEAN MACHINE PROJECT for men and 28 day online nutrition and exercise plans suitable for all abilities and fitness levels and the recipes are perfect for the whole family to enjoy and benefit from!

Meet the PT’s

Knowledge is Power

Meet PT Emz & PT Mitch; Personal Trainers and Founders of Bootcamp Revolution & Fitness Revolution 


Client Reviews

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Really enjoying exercise again after a gap year or 15!!!
We have a personalised plan in place that suits me and the time I have to ease me back
into it gently but pushing me at rhe same time


Fantastic place to train. Everyone is just one big happy family and there are so many giggles in training! The perfect place if you are both new or an expert at OCRs :-)


I've been going to BC Revolution since Christmas and love it. PT Mitch puts you through your paces but at your level of fitness. PT Emz is great too and specialises in nutrition alongside various classes in their gym as well as outside. There is no pretentiousness at all, the people who go are really friendly and support each other during the sessions. All levels of fitness and age groups all working together. Lots of fun and friendly banter. Love it x


BootCampRevolution caters for all abilities, ages shapes & sizes. Fabulous PTs can tailor nutrition & training plans for beginners to elite athletes. The most important aspect for me is how friendly everyone is & how much fun it is getting and staying fit . I really can not recommend BCRev highly enough.


I was never a massive fan of training outside but having joined BC Rev 2 ago I now thoroughly enjoy a muddy session or an hour long run club. Not only am I a fitter and healthier person because of Bootcamp Revolution but I have learned how to keep my body well nourished with their recipes and knowledge.

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